Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'll often stop and think about them: John and John

Happy 70th Birthday to John Lennon
Happy 66th Birthday to John Entwistle!

I can't imagine the world without their music... although physically they are gone, the music they created and contributed shows that even if you're dead and gone the music can literally make you immortal to the hearts of everyone. No matter how many years passed, no matter how hard you try to forget (I hope no one is actually trying) the power of music is strong enough to make you remember forever.

Still, it makes me wonder if any of them ever thought that one day they'll be this big especially Lennon (I know he kind of planned it)... I think it's unfair enough though that all the attentions seem to be with Lennon only, I mean I know I love him too, and I know he made a big contribution to the music industry but still Entwistle should get some recognition too... no one can play the bass like he did. I'm just saying...

I wonder what would they be making with music if they are still with us today...and what would they look like?


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

Whoops. I have to admit that I am guilty of forgetting about John Entwistle's birthday :(
Which is a shame, he deserves to get as much recognition as John Lennon. Everybody seems to forget about the bassists, which is such a shame because they often contribute a large amount, both performance wise and songwriting wise. I also guess thought it's to do with the fact that even though the Who is quite a famous band, they're not as famous as the Beatles. I do love the Beatles, but they are quite overrated.

E.T.'s Gravity said...

Don't worry I almost forgot his birthday too. Gladly I remembered at the last minute - but shouldn't have been. I've always rooted for the underdogs and I do believe that in a band bassists are mostly the one's who are left on the sidelines. But to see that without them a song could not go on without the beats and the running bass should be the case. And it is really a shame that people don't realize that bassists contribute as much as the singers and guitarist and drummers to performance and composition. Let's see one great example would be John Deacon of Queen. His lovely bass on Another One Bites the Dust one of the songs he famously wrote You're My Best Friend. And John Entwistle too. And even Paul McCartney. And I'm sure there are more. Unfortunately we already established that we don't know as many of them as the many famous guitarists because they don't get as much recognition as the others because some say that the bass is too easy compared to the complicated guitars. But then again, if they are too famous I wouldn't care for them. :D

E.T.'s Gravity said...

and yep i agree, The Who though they should be more famous than they are, could not get and will never be as famous as the Beatles. Overrated but they did start it all. Right?

bearockr said...

That was a nice post, E.T.. Definitely, John Entwistle deserves lot more recognition than he currently has, and well, about The Beatles being too overrated, Yes, infact they are a bit, but as you said above, They started it all, so no comparisons!

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