Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween people!

Just imagine these cute, adorable kittens turn into monsters at night. That would be a sight to see! Because you never know. The cute ones, or the innocent looking ones are actually the ones who have dark, sinister secrets.
Yep, just wasting time. Enjoy halloween everyone. (LOL I got like two readers.) I've never dressed up for halloween. I wonder what everyone's costume is?


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! (you have six readers. Not two.Get it right)
AWW! I couldn't imagine those kittens turning into monsters! Although, you're right, the innocent ones are usually the ones hiding the sinister secrets...similar to my cute kitty hiding her vomit under my bed.

Music is my guilty pleasure said... WILL have six readers as soon as Blogger stops acting up and lets me follow your blog :D

E.T.'s Gravity said...

i just bursts in laughter about your cat hiding her vomit. i almost choke. i did not expect that. i'm still laughin. hey don't worry i could not imagine it either. i was just trying to post something funny and stupid. i adore those kittens its really quite hard to imagine them as monsters. its not right! thanks for following in advance!

bearockr said...

Happy Halloween to you too E.T., and now, you got 7 readers ! It's a pleasure going through your blog, as I found all your posts a lot heartfelt, and your style of writing is awesome as well! Trust me, it is! And well, here's a piece of advice, Mention your Email somewhere in your profile, it helps facilitate communication ! :D

Rock on !

MusicToLive! said...

Happy halloween too (a little late...)
I like very much this blog, I think it is funny and interesant, I'll follow it! hahahaa
take a look at mine... i have just begun it but I wish you'll like it... :$



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