Saturday, November 6, 2010

No to Manufactured Music

I seem to be back to my preoccupation about Nirvana, Kurt, depression and death. I guess its got something to do with my clinical rotation now being in a Psychiatric hospital. I see these patients, their emotions or their lack thereof, their mental state - its pretty contagious. It's depressing. I can't help to think now, that if someone actually noticed Kurt's symptoms of depression he wouldn't have been gone now. I think he could've gotten better because unlike others he's got something to get his feelings out and that's through music. I believe in the healing power of music. I wish it had helped Kurt more and others who suffer from severe depression and has suicidal tendencies.

Speaking of music, this is really getting serious, what has happened to our music today? The real voices, real instruments, with raw emotion...with make-music-not-money sort of thing? The "musicians" they call now are pampered brats, squeeky good looking with messed up make-up and hair, and wacky clothes, rich, untalented people. They got there without working their way through it. Great musicians struggled before they reached the top. Their bank accounts were once zero before they made milliions. They worked endless shifts, dirty jobs. They weren't chosen by the biased public by voting on American Idol or X factor and I don't even watch the shows. It's just that it's everywhere you can't help but know about it. I'm not saying though that there aren't any great musicians right now, there are some but you can only count them with your fingers.

For lack of better word, the music we call now really sucks! I can't wait for the day that all these crappy songs and artist would be gone. I mean maybe not gone but hopefully forgotten. I hope it comes sooner. I don't usually let things bother me because if it does bother me it's actually my problem because I let it bother me, but the way we are now about music it's unavoidable for me to not say anything.

I feel like I'm preaching so to wrap this up, here's some quotes by the hater himself Kurt Cobain, that pretty much sums up what we're dealing today with our taste of music that the media is feeding us:

I just cant believe anyone would start a band just to make the scene and be cool and have chicks. I just cant believe it.
As quoted in Option (January/ February, 1992)

Jocks have completely taken over music... And just to get back at them, Im going to start playing basketball.
As quoted in Musician (October, 1993) would start, play one gig, and get signed to a major label right away, 'cause it [was] a trend.
Date unknown, but believed to be 06/30/92 in Sweden

Music comes first; lyrics are secondary. Most of my lyrics are contradictions. I'll write a few sincere lines, and then I'll have to make fun of [them]. I don't like to make it too obvious, because if it is too obvious, it gets really stale. You shouldn't be in people's faces 100% all the time. We don't mean to be really cryptic or mysterious, but I just think that lyrics that are different and weird and spacey paint a nice picture. It's just the way I like art.
Date unknown; appears on the home video, Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!


Please, we should do like a movement or something to end this. This isn't right! Something has to be done to end all this conformity in music!


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

I love this blog post! It's EXACTLY what I've been trying to say for so long. My last blog post about shows like American Idol and the X factor...and my blog post on why teenagers don't like rock music, BOTH have this sort of message inside them....say NO to manufactured music.

E.T.'s Gravity said...

I guess we're on the same state of mind. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I've been an advocate about this topic for quite awhile now. Some of old posts including "The Sound of Silence" mentions how different the music now is compared to back then. I feel like I ripped it you off, you know I was planning on leaving you comment on that latest post of yours about Simon Cowell a dark lord. But instead I've made this post. This post is my ode to your post.

Yes, say NO to manufactured music.


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

Oh, don't worry, you haven't ripped me off in the slightest! :D I didn't come up with manufactured music did I?(if I did you would probably have to kill me...)
Manufactured music just really annoys me. The fact that ANYONE would want to become a singer just to become famous and have groupies or whatever. IT MAKES ME SO ANNOYED, URGH!!!!! Sorry...I'm getting slightly out of control here..
Anyway, I love that little animation you did, I forgot to mention it, did you make it yourself? The thing saying say 'no' to manufactured music.

Anyway, I'm so stupid, I have two big tests to revise for and three essays to write, I need to go.
Anyway, carry on writing, this post was brilliant!
Peace xxx

E.T.'s Gravity said...

LOL no you didn't. i will hunt you down and torture you! kidding!! it annoys me too. i'm planning on starting to wear this t-shirts with that "please keep your shitty music to yourself" and really i want to wear it in school to let these kids know that what they are listening to are shitty crappy music!! it makes me laugh cuz Kurt couldn't have said it better. everytime i here manufactured music i start to lose all my senses and i just wana hurt these people until they make some sense. but i really can't do that so i try to calm myself by listening to real music and know that at least i'm not brainwashed!

lol, wish i could do that. i just found that somewhere here in the internet. it speaks so much about what i felt so i took it. i probably should make a copyright though. hahaha but really that animations speaks a lot so i put it here.

funny, cuz when i typed my two latest blog posts i actually was supposed to be studying for my big exams today. well, i got it over now. now i wana knowo the results of my exam. lol anyway good luck with the 2 tests and 3 essays to write. that's a lot! it wouldn't hurt to take a break from studying and say something about hating manufactured music right??.. heh heh heh just don't start getting lazy.. i know you wouldn't. aight!


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