Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember the Legends

Freddie Mercury of Queen and Eric Carr of Kiss, 19 years gone today.

Mostly throughout the day, I was thinking of Freddie. I was thinking of what special thing should I do today to commemorate his death anniversary.

Then it occured to me, I don't really have to do anything special and grandiose. Just remembering him and thinking about him is already a special thing to do.

I still feel the same way to what I posted here a year ago about Freddie's long been gone but not forgotten.

So I don't have to write another long post, it's all here ("Freddie Mercury 18 Years Gone). This is for myself anyway.

I wonder where you are now Freddie? If there is such a thing as heaven, you deserve to be there. I wonder what you're doing right now? I'm pretty sure you're right there floating in the clouds with flocks of angels doing harmonies with you with their harps complimenting your piano playing. :D

Thanks for the inspiration.

To Eric Carr, it seems unfair to not write much about him. But since he's also part of the one thing that I truly love which is music, I thank him for his contributions with Kiss. You and Kiss just make me proud of you guys 'cause I actually know some of the "kids" I know in school who truly adore KISS. Which I think is a big step for them compared to what they mostly listen to nowadays. I know you're in a better place too. :)

I pay tribute by playing these legendary guys' music.

Freddie you are still my hero. I never would have gotten better with the piano if it weren't for you. Again, thanks.

Advance Happy Thanksgiving everryone!


Zee said...

R.I.P Freddie Mercury and Eric Carr!! Your wonderful contribution to rock music will never be forgotten.
Ha, I'm sure that if there is a heaven, Freddie Mercury is in it, singing with the angels. If God has a rock band, I bet you Mercury is in it.
And to Eric Carr...what would Kiss be without you. What would rock music be without his awesome guitar playing? Exactly. It wouldn't be rock music
Anyway, another awesome post, I'm looking forward to the next xx

Anonymous said...

Eric Carr was Kiss's drummer...

E.T.'s Gravity said...

Hey Zee, wow I've been dying to post a comment but I didn't have time. Been busy with school especially that the semester's almost over. Freddie is probably the leads of God's rock band and God is the manager lol. And yeah, Eric Carr is actually Kiss drummer. Idk if you're aware of that lol

Btw, I really appreciate you coming back here once in awhile. I've been idle for awhile. lol Christmas is coming!

Zee said...

Oh my goodness...I must seem like such an idiot. I actually did know that, Tommy Thayer is Kiss's lead guitarist (it used to be Ace Frehley) and Paul Stanley plays rhythm guitar as well as singing. I'm not an obsessed Kiss fan, who owns all their albums and has been to six different concerts....but I do know enough to know that Eric Carr was their drummer(now it's Eric Singer. Ironic how they both have the same name). Although with all their former members I admit it does get confusing.
Just catching you guys out...
OK, NO, I ADMIT IT, I was really tired and in one of those moods when I spout garbage. You probably don't believe me because you don't know me that well, but I'm always making ridiculous, embarassing mistakes. I'm a Harry Potter geek, and once I said, "I wish I could play Hogwarts instead of hockey" instead of saying "I wish I could play Quidditch instead of hockey". You're probably not a Harry Potter geek, so you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm probably just confusing you with my ramblings.
Anyway. I apologise severely Eric Carr.

And to E.T.'s gravity, I just wanted to say an early happy Christmas!

E.T.'s Gravity said...

yup pretty ironic, eric and eric - its called fate haha. don't worry it happens to me too, everytime i wana say something but what actually comes out is different from what i intended to. even worse sometimes my sentence is not in order like when i told my friend "your cute is so hair" when i actually wanted to say "your hair is so cute!".

ha! harry potter fan! me too!!!! i'm a loyal hp fan! i actually just saw the part one of deathly hallows last night (i told you i was busy right? :D) and i have all the i know what Quidditch is probably the best sport in the magical world. if i was back in high school i would rather play quidditch than do the long runs in our gym class...

christmas, christmas, christmas, i love it!!

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