Friday, September 17, 2010

Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury?

Apparently Sasha Baron Cohen who starred in Borat and played Bruno is set to play Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic movie. No date is set yet on when the movie is coming out but the production is said to start next year. I think this is a movie to see! Brian May and Roger Taylor supports the casting and are said to oversee the music for the film.

This really got me excited, as one of the articles I've read about this news I don't think Cohen can sing in the movie as Freddie. Its either they are gonna use Freddie's real voice or they are gonna let Cohen sing (he can sing, he's also in Sweeney Todd) but of course, nothing can ever be as close as to Freddie's voice so we'll see. I wonder how this biopic is gonna come out. I've been hearing this news like forever that there is going to be a movie about Freddie Mercury but no actors have been chosen set. There were rumors that Johnny Depp was being called to play Mercury. But nothing was certain. Well, it's about time now. Can't wait to hear some more news. I hope this time John Deacon would participate and come out of 'retirement'.

To read the articles, click herehere and here.

What do you think about Cohen playing Mercury?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Road to A Promising Music Career

Happy 57th Birthday to Benmont Tench!!

57 years when this man came to this world. My other inspiration in playing the piano. Actually, I just became interested in him recently. And I wonder, what was I been doing I haven't given him that much attention before. For all of you who don't know, (heck, I wonder if I got readers anyway, lol) he is the keyboardist and one of the founding members of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Born as Benjamin Montmorency Tench III, his road to being a musician is pretty interesting and it kind of stuck to me. See, he was sent to boarding school then went to college. Then on his college break, he went to a concert by Mudcrutch which was then Tom Petty and Mike Campbell's band. And from then on, he became a session musician for different bands. He had piano backgrounds since he was very young so it should not really be a surprise. But, he was a serious student. After being a session keyboardist he still went back to school. No wonder Tom Petty stepped in and asked him to quit school. With a talent like Tench, it should not be wasted. After "long deliberation" Benmont agreed. Haha, if that was me I would've said yes immediately. Now, all Petty had to do was convinced Tench dad who was a Court Judge that "his son had a promising music career." It's kind of like those fictional stories that only happen in the movies. From nerd (I say this with admiration) to being a rock star.

Benmont Tench gives justice to playing the piano and hammond organ. I'm not saying he's the only one though. It's exhilirating to see him play. I kind of see myself in him although not the rock star part. I'm a student nurse, I play the piano, in college but my mind seem to wonder elsewhere. But no matter what's in my mind I still make sure that I do good in school. He just inspire me. That's my statement. For him to pick the right road, I'm still wondering if I'm going at the right direction. Enough with the drama. I wish him good health and to continue making great music with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and with his solos and new supergroup band Works Progress Administration (W.P.A). And thanks for the inspiration.

Here's Tench playing some piano solos:

Those fingers...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrate the Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

Happy 64th Birthday Freddie Mercury!!

Today marks the 64th birthday of the one and only Mr. Freddie Mercury or less commonly known as Farrokh Bulsara. Let's celebrate this day by playing all the Queen songs and his solo works out loud on our speakers. This man is my inspiration, that got me through my darkest hours. I owe a lot to this wonderful singer. I love the way that he sings, the way he incorporated the piano to almost every songs of Queen, his creativity with his voice even using it to imitate a real instrument. Because of you, Freddie, I learned to love the piano. And it may sound cheesy, but I'm really in love with piano. No human being, no man can ever replace my love for the piano and guitar. Thanks, for the music Freddie. Everyday, I listen to the songs, and everyday you never fail to amaze me. That wonderful voice... There's no one, ever, that's gonna replace you. No one can ever take your place. No one can ever be as powewrful, flamboyant and playful as you on the stage. I wish I have seen you live.

Everyday I thank God for creating music. For bringing people like you into this world with such great talents and never became selfish but shared your talents to the whole world. Thank you. May God rest your soul. I hope wherever you are right now, you're still making music. I'm sure God is still amazed he created someone like you. I wonder if Freddie knows that someday, he's gonna make a difference to someone like me. And I'm pretty sure to a lot more people out there. Sometimes I imagine with all the great musicians gone in this world, there's probably a concert everyday in heaven. Freddie, must be needed somewhere else.

I think for this part, I speak for every fans in this world: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! We all miss you. With your music, you will always be alive and well in our hearts and minds. Peace.

 If I could only reach you...