Friday, September 17, 2010

Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury?

Apparently Sasha Baron Cohen who starred in Borat and played Bruno is set to play Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic movie. No date is set yet on when the movie is coming out but the production is said to start next year. I think this is a movie to see! Brian May and Roger Taylor supports the casting and are said to oversee the music for the film.

This really got me excited, as one of the articles I've read about this news I don't think Cohen can sing in the movie as Freddie. Its either they are gonna use Freddie's real voice or they are gonna let Cohen sing (he can sing, he's also in Sweeney Todd) but of course, nothing can ever be as close as to Freddie's voice so we'll see. I wonder how this biopic is gonna come out. I've been hearing this news like forever that there is going to be a movie about Freddie Mercury but no actors have been chosen set. There were rumors that Johnny Depp was being called to play Mercury. But nothing was certain. Well, it's about time now. Can't wait to hear some more news. I hope this time John Deacon would participate and come out of 'retirement'.

To read the articles, click herehere and here.

What do you think about Cohen playing Mercury?


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

WOW...I honestly don't know what to say. It seems to be the new craze to make songs about deceased rock stars. Have you seen the film 'Nowhere Boy', which talks about John Lennon's life? And Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett...and the new film being made about Kurt Cobain.
Obviously of course, all films are looking to make money. But I have to admit, this will be very interesting to watch when it comes out. I hope they do it well. I'm sure they will. Sacha Baron Cohen of course is an amazing actor, as well as Johnny Depp. I hope they keep Freddie's voice.
Lovely post, a very interesting topic. I'll be looking to see it when it comes out :D

E.T.'s Gravity said...

holy shit!! (excuse the use of words..) i got a comment!!! LOL as u can see, its not that often that i get someone to read my blog and leave a comment. i'm lazy i got tired of promoting my blog...anyway, thanks for dropping by!

you noticed it too huh? its a shame that they are doing this 'biopics' for money... it's like it is the IN thing to make a movie about a deceased rock star or maybe even the alive for Joan Jett's case..but i think its not right you know, well maybe except if they really did a spot on story..

and honestly because of the too much hype i've been hearing about Nowhere Boy i did not go to the theaters and watch it. maybe if it comes out of the dvd and i'll watch it..(that sounded bad right)i didnt see The Runaways i'm thinking maybe i should.

and yeah, that one film about Kurt Cobain, I've hearing that for awhile now. so far they haven't done anything. but i hate it cause sometimes this movie clouds the real story behind the artist or maybe they exaggerate it and what's worse is that people will actually believe it...

but this one, i'm definitely gonna see this biopic about Mr. Mercury. i hope i won't be disappointed!!

thanks again for the comment..i don't think you'll be coming back! heh heh heh

Music is my guilty pleasure said...

Aw, that's a shame :( I think you deserve to get lots of comments-your blog talks about lots of interesting things. I'd even go as far as to say it's better than mine. My blog is just me waffling on half the time about random music related things, if it weren't for you I wouldn't even know that they were making a movie about Freddie Mercury. Trust me, all the followers and comments I get are just down to me promoting myself...I comment on people's blogs, and leave a link for my blog. Barbara really helped me by writing a post about my blog, she got me at least 7 followers.

Whoops, silly me writing Joan Jett underneath deceased rockstars. She is definitely not dead, and I hope she lives for a long time. And don't worry, I haven't seen Nowhere Boy or the Runaways either. I was just asking if you had.

Yeah, I guess they haven't decided yet about making the Kurt Cobain film, so there's still a chance they might not make it (fingers crossed). It's just, I KNOW that they're going to end up exaggerating things like you said, and they're going to have to assume lots of things too. Like, we don't really know if Kurt and Courtney got on or not, and it's not for us to guess.

And I'll definitely check out the Mercury film when it's released. And don't worry I WILL be coming back, I shall stalk your blog until my eyes ache from staring at the computer screen.=)

E.T.'s Gravity said...

Lol, we're basically the same. Some of the things I post here on my blog are just pure randomness sometimes. Sometimes some personal issues that no one seem to care that's why I post so at least I could get it out and not start keeping things to myself again which can actually lead to my 'destruction' :))

Glad to know, that you learned something from my blog. We'll be both watching when the movie comes out about Freddie. And I do hope too that they won't do movies about Kurt. It's bad enough that they have this so-called biography books about him and I don't think anyone actually touched the true behind the story of his life since they are not Kurt Cobain themselves. *sigh the silliness of some people.

Actually I used to promote my blog on youtube and I got some random people reading but never leaving comments. Then I got Barbara, I think she's my only reader till you came along. And that's why I thank you! ;D

and good, cuz i thought I'm missing something out by not watching those to 'biopics'.

and again thank you. in case you haven't notice, i think i actually started stalking YOUR blog. hahaha


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