Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrate the Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

Happy 64th Birthday Freddie Mercury!!

Today marks the 64th birthday of the one and only Mr. Freddie Mercury or less commonly known as Farrokh Bulsara. Let's celebrate this day by playing all the Queen songs and his solo works out loud on our speakers. This man is my inspiration, that got me through my darkest hours. I owe a lot to this wonderful singer. I love the way that he sings, the way he incorporated the piano to almost every songs of Queen, his creativity with his voice even using it to imitate a real instrument. Because of you, Freddie, I learned to love the piano. And it may sound cheesy, but I'm really in love with piano. No human being, no man can ever replace my love for the piano and guitar. Thanks, for the music Freddie. Everyday, I listen to the songs, and everyday you never fail to amaze me. That wonderful voice... There's no one, ever, that's gonna replace you. No one can ever take your place. No one can ever be as powewrful, flamboyant and playful as you on the stage. I wish I have seen you live.

Everyday I thank God for creating music. For bringing people like you into this world with such great talents and never became selfish but shared your talents to the whole world. Thank you. May God rest your soul. I hope wherever you are right now, you're still making music. I'm sure God is still amazed he created someone like you. I wonder if Freddie knows that someday, he's gonna make a difference to someone like me. And I'm pretty sure to a lot more people out there. Sometimes I imagine with all the great musicians gone in this world, there's probably a concert everyday in heaven. Freddie, must be needed somewhere else.

I think for this part, I speak for every fans in this world: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! We all miss you. With your music, you will always be alive and well in our hearts and minds. Peace.

 If I could only reach you...


Barbara said...

Sat here and cried as I looked at all this. Thanks for reminding me of his birthday. He is very missed.

Evora said...

Hey, Barbara. No problem. He is missed by everyone. I already cried for him. But that day, somehow everytime I listen to Queen's songs hearing his voice just put a smile on my face...Thanks for the comment.

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