Monday, August 23, 2010


How can something this easy be so hard?!

I'm going to have my wisdom teeth, all four of them removed tomorrow. And tomorrow night is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show at the Izod Center with My Morning Jacket as the opening band. I won tickets from a radio station for this show! I'm still debating to myself if I should go. First of all, there's a chance I'm going alone. Second, I have an idea to get there but its pretty complicated, hence this should be easy but why really so hard? Like I have to travel to NY to go back to NJ, blah blah blah. Ugh, and there's also the issue on what would be my condition after the surgery. I really think I'm meant to go but...

See, Friday night. I said to myself, if I win a pair of ticket then it's really meant for me to go so I started dialing the number of the station. Nothing nada. After the 18th time, boom someone answered. I thought the man said I didn't win. I was like, "Oh, ok" and then he said, "Didn't you hear I said you win!" Ahhh!!! It was the 7pm round, it was the 18x, and I was the 25th caller. 7 is our lucky number, my dad and my bro's birthday. 18 is my oldest brother's birthdate. And 25 is my mom and mine's birthdate. So what's that?!?! Huh.

I should go!!!!!!!!


Evora said...

i didn't go. i had the tickets ready, i freakin won those tickets and they're pretty good sits too!!! i'm so mad i didn't go. i cried myself to sleep last night.

Evora said...

it was so close!!! i wana hurt someone!!

"God its so painful when something that so close is still so far away"

19minutes from our place, i didn't go...God i didn't go...

i'm gonna regret this forever, and i'm blaming my so called loved-ones!!

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