Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mini Nirvana reunion? More like 2/3 reunion + 1 =)

Of course a Nirvana reunion would never happen in this world since Kurt Cobain's tragic death. But reading the news this morning about Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl working together again for the new Foo Fighter's album got me excited. Butch Vig, one of the best producers around and also the one who produced Nirvana's "Nevermind" is going to be the producer of Foo Fighter's new album. And Pat Smear is going to join them too since I think he's officially back as a member of the Foo Fighters. WICKED! It's been awhile since Novoselic and Grohl played together more like 16 years. Although Novoselic did some work with Foo's first albums. It would be nice to see them together play live.

According to Dave the album is almost halfway done and Foo's "heaviest yet." Ahhh, I could not wait to get the album. Foo Fighters been quiet for awhile although Dave has been busy with Them Crooked Vultures. I wonder when will it come out?

Look at them now? (above center) I'm EXHILIRATED!!

To read the articles, click here by and here by the Daily Times.

Actually, this news broke out yesterday.

Any thoughts?


Music is my guilty pleasure said...

It's nice to see them working together again :D
I think they all changed a bit after Kurt died.I'm glad that they all decided to carry on working in the music industry, and not give up. The Foo Fighters have such a different sound to Nirvana, which was lovely because if they had sounded exactly like Nirvana, they would be so much more boring. And I loved seeing Dave as the frontman in the Foo fighters , because sadly, drummers don't get as much attention as the singers and guitarists.
Well done, another great blog post :D

E.T.'s Gravity said...

Again, thanks for reading! They do have their own unique sound. And Dave can both sing and scream - the good kind of scream not those who scream like they're just really mad at the world. I think being a multi-instrumentalist gives him the edge, it is nice that he gets this attention and I think more than what actual singers and guitarists get because some of them can actually just play that one instrument.

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