Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Celebration to Life, A Bow to Death & A Split to Camaraderie

Today marks the supposed to be 51st birthday of Michael "King of Pop" Jackson.
All around the world people celebrated the life of this great artist who died on the 25 June 2009. His death was already confirmed as homicide. That didn't stop people in Brooklyn, New York to pay tribute to his life and music even with the occasional thunder, rain and mud.

Happy birthday Michael Jackson, you deserved to have the peaceful birthday on a much better place now than the one you once had here... You are still missed by many...

On another sad news, Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, was found dead yesterday in his Manhattan apartment. Autopsy are inconclusive but it was reported by the police that a crack pipe and prescription pills were found in his apartment. Goldstein have claimed to be drug-free for years, though. Whatever the cause of death is, still what a tragic loss. What would happen to his collaboration with Travis Barker? He will be missed by all his fans as one of the best disc jockeys around.

Another sad, or should I say controversial news, is the break-up of the band Oasis. It seemed that the tension between the two brothers had finally reached their highest points. Noel Gallagher quits, leaving the message "the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable." Though nothing about his brother, Liam, is mentioned; he said earlier that Liam had forced his decision to quit. I'm gonna miss this band...

Damn, why so many split-ups and death. Death seems to come every week....

More death news, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was laid to rest Saturday night alongside slain brothers John and Robert on hallowed ground at Arlington National Cemetery, celebrated for "the dream he kept alive" across the decades since their deaths. Pres. Barack Obama gave the Eulogy in Boston.

Well, I sure hope that everyone's week is not as bad as one of these three's families.
This just goes to show that we should always live our life to the fullest. You'll never know when this day might be your last...

Everyone have a great weekend! =)


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