Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from Washington D.C.

The sweat, the sunburn, the long as if unending walk! It was all worth it! I LOVE Washington D.C. Pictures are up on Friendster, and I'll soon be putting it on my Myspace. Oh yeah, it's also the reason I haven't been checkin this blog for awhile.

Ugh, I wish there will come a time when me and my family would have a week long vacation not just a 2-day weekend vacation. Just like what happened. Two days in Washington D.C. I want more time to explore the place! But still, I had fun... It just really seems to happen so fast. It seems like hours ago when I was just packin and now I'm back to my normal life again. I demand more adventure!! I want to go back to D.C.! I hate the thought that school is coming around the corner again. Oh well, check out the pictures!


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