Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peace and Love

As Ringo and his band sings it, "Give peace a chance!"

Happy 70th birthday to Ringo Starr!

The man has got one simple wish, at 12 noon on the seventh day of the seventh month do the peace and love sign. Did you do it?

Spread the peace, love and joy to the world. It's not too much to ask, isn't it? Peace and love sign, one at a time. It don't come easy, but it will come and can make a difference!

Here's Ringo with George performing at Concert for Bangladesh (1 August 1971) where he forgot some of the words! ;)

Have a happy, healthier and longer life Mr. Starr. I wish to see you and the All Starr Band today at Radio City Music Hall but I couldn't. I'm pretty sure it would be one heck of a celebration! We love you and your music...


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