Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"Crossfire" a new song from Mr. Brandon Flowers from his solo album Flamingo. Released as a single on 21 June 2010, also his birthday.

Great tune. Nice to listen to any time of the day. Actually right now I couldn't stop listening. I mostly like the first part though.

Note: Flowers doing solo doesn't mean The Killers is breaking up. He said so himself. To listen to the song click here.

Or just play this youtube video (not official):

I totally recommend listening to this song. It got such a great vibe that when you listen to it, you kinda remember something from your past. I don't know if it applies to others but it did to me. There's also some parts that makes me wana cry. The bass part! Ah, very pleasing to the ears. I love it when I hear the bass on a song. Please listen to the song and buy the album when it comes out in September. Right now you can purchase the song on iTunes.


Barbara said...

Thank goodness The Killers aren't breaking up! I like them a lot. I will check out Brandon's new song, thanks for pointing it out!

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