Friday, June 25, 2010

"Beat me, hate me; you can never break me"

Happy birthday to my best friend Aya! She's in the Philippines and actually it's already the 26th there. But her birthdate is the 25th. I already sent her a text yesterday and gave her song. But still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR BEST FRIEND! Near or far, we'll always be best friends! I miss you!

Here's a song for you:

It's been a year since Michael Jackson's passing. It seems like it just happened yesterday. I remember watching the news, and seeing his body on the white blanket being carried to the helicopter. The sad part was, the fact that he died that's when people started paying attention to his music again instead of his not-so-normal life and making fun of him when he was still alive. And too bad, his comeback tour didn't happen. I guess trying to prove to others that he's still the man we loved through his music back in the 80s-90s is what caught him down. If the people just gave him a chance before. But no more pointing fingers. This is a day to remember and pay tribute to the King of Pop. Rest in peace, MJ.

Here's something to remember him:

My iPod was on shuffle last night ---- first thing i heard "smooth criminal". I, then realized its the 25th already. One year later, wow seems like yesterday when he was on the news. Music can keep anyone alive forever...and Michael Jackson and his music will definitely lives on with all of us. He's still alive...


Barbara said...

Great song for your friend!

Last night I had my own private Michael Jackson marathon. Watched a TV show on him, then watched some YouTube videos, and listened to his music all day. :(

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