Monday, May 17, 2010

Memories, my memories; how long can you stay to haunt my days...

So I decided to do another organizing-my-boxes. I decided to throw all the stuffs that reminded me of that awful experience about 4yrs ago. In the middle of doing that, and at the same time all the bad memories came flashing through my head I saw this. It's something I wrote, its about trust. I think I wrote it on my freshman English class. I think it's pretty good. I'm gonna type it right here, and show to whoever's reading this blog. And maybe, just maybe someone may like it. I thought it's pretty good, well after I typed it I'm gonna throw the paper out. LOL There's a note on top of it by my teacher saying "Great" and "20/20". Haha. The false hopes *sigh*. Here it goes:


Trust is a very deep word. My friends and I had each definition to trust. Trust are often found in friendships, in business, in schools and in the family.

For me, trust is the main ingredient of a strong friendship. To be able to maintain a relationship with friends you need to trust one another. Friends that trust each other are the ones who understands the true meaning of their bonding frienships.

For my friends, they define trust as an obligation. When they had given you, for example, a secret, they trust you to keep it and never tell anyone about it ever again unless that friend gave you the permission to do so.

In businesses and in school, trust is when they had given you something to work on and they trust you to do it right on schedule and they had trust that you put some effort to it. Because after all it is your duty and they want to see you at your best.

In the family, trust is one of the top reason for the family to have a close relationship to one another. There's a trust that only exists in the family but not to anything else. It is more of a dysfunctional way as it always does in any family. It involves the fact that in order for a family to trust one another they should understand one another. Secrets shouldn't be kept to one another, unless the secret is known by the whole but no one else outside of the family. But truth be told, sometimes trust in families are lacking especially of one that parents should trust their kids. Why? Because sometimes the kids take the parent's trusts for granted so mistrust results. Trusts though is very important for the family to be even called a family.

Even if there are lots of definitions given to the word trust, one thing we should all remember: trust is needed in order for us to live, in our everyday life. And one fact remains: we should learn to trust ourselves first, before trusting anybody to give our trust.


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