Monday, October 5, 2009

Is punk music dead?

Read this post and you decide..

Although I agree with Shawn the author that punk has been long gone...

And I am a fan of the bands listed on the post except for Avril Lavigne of course..But sadly, they are ruining the name of punk..

Here's the link:

I'm telling you, these bands are trying to get into the pop culture now. I hate it! Punk is supposed to be about rebellion not trying to look good and blend in with the latest "in" styles...

What I don't get also is why this Lavigne believes she's punk.. Maybe she hadn't noticed? Since when did punk incorporated pink on their lifestyle?

sheesh... I like Green Day and Blink 182 though, I don't consider them punk anyways. Maybe when Green Day was just starting out then they were considered punk. No offense, I still love these guys but they're not just punks anymore...

Pop cultures destroy everything... They make people commit to conformity which is not good!! ERASE POP CULTURE!


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